About us.

This is Impact 3X, a lighthouse for those who care about their impact in the world.

Start-ups that reach 1Bn$ valuation are a very rare phenomenon. That's why some people call them unicorns. And because it’s desirable to run a company that reaches a sky-high valuation or immense profits, there are many publications that are aimed at helping you get there. We are not of those.

At 3X, we believe that what's truly unique is a company that focuses on optimizing, not one but, three bodies at once: planet, people and profit. Three times the impact of regular unicorns. Something even rarer, Pegasus. An immortal horse who got wings, is son to the God of the sea and helped Greek gods achieve nearly impossible feats.

And that’s what Impact 3X wants to inspire you to do, to achieve what was thought to be impossible. To win and to care, or rather to win because you care. This publication is aimed at those who have the imagination and audacity to change the game and who go beyond the establishment. Those who will be remembered.

We are here to inform, connect and inspire some of our brightest business leaders and citizens so that they can scale companies and work on projects that benefit from solving society’s biggest problems.

In short, the purpose of this newsletter is to become a benchmark and lighthouse for the “impact society”. We want to build trust and develop meaningful relationships with a selected group of people who are, or seek to be, moving the needle in the impact space.

Every Tuesday, you will get valuable information in a simple, yet radical way. A better way is possible, is needed.

Àlex, Marc & Miquel.

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A lighthouse for those who care about their impact in the world



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